I’ve always been into sport. Just love it.

I ran my first marathon when I was 12 years old and I think that still makes me the youngest person to have run one in New Zealand.

I did 4 in total but never broke the 4 hour barrier (4hrs and 2 minutes was my fastest).

Rugby caught my eye so I decided to give up running and start playing Rugby. I made it into the High School First fifteen and at the same time the High Schools First Five basketball team.

To go from being a scrawny little long distance runner I had to start doing weights ( I was doing various martial arts and boxing as well but I needed to bulk up) so that I could get over the 52kg weight restriction to play at my high school ( I was 15 and 49kgs)

After leaving school I carried on playing rugby and at age 18 was playing First Division in the Waikato competition, that was tough.

I played for a bit longer but decided to focus on Body Building when I turned 20 and went on the win the Waikato Champs, the North Island Champs and placed 4th in the Nationals as a 20 year old.

Bored with that now (actually didn’t want to do what was needed to go to the next level) I turned my attention to tournament fighting in the Word Tae Kwon Do federation which was full contact fighting and would later become an Olympic sport.

I won my first national title in my first tournament and won 4 more gold medals at national tournaments over the next few years.

Surfing has always been a passion and still is, I have boards at my homes in Mount Maunganui and on the Gold Coast so that I can surf whether I am in Oz or NZ.


When it’s small you have to surf over rocks sometimes. 🙂

surfing_burleigh_croppedAnd when it’s a bit bigger you don’t

sexy_boysmallfileToday Weight Training and surfing are still my Favorite sports

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