3 Homes

We have a Great Lifestyle living in 3 great locations.



In Auckland we live on top of a 14 story high rise with spectacular 360 views.
Unfortunately we are in Auckland mainly for business and only a small part of our time.
Here’s some pics of our Auckland home. You can see my office which is just across the park in the view east.

Mount Maunganui

bailey_for_rebecca_july_2006_398_r3cyMost of our time is spent in Mount Maunganui. This is where I call home. My little boy Bailey lives down here and I have loved this place since my childhood. The surf is not as great as on the Gold Coast but I have the best of both worlds here. My little boy and my surfing.

Mount Maunganui is a great place and is only 2 and a half hours south of Auckland and on the east coast so it makes it very easy to pop up to Auckland for Business.

The Gold Coast
I love the Gold Coast. This is where I would love to be year around however dscn2262my family are now all back in New Zealand and so I can now only call the Gold Coast home for 1 week out of each month.When I am back I am working in my Australian office at Financial Gain. I try to keep the mornings free so I can surf and the afternoons are working on building the Australian business. This was my first business created back in 1999. We provide a service which is unique in Australia and is possible because of the years of study I put in so that I could get both a Financial Planning license and a Real Estate License. This allows us to provide a holistic service to our clients that covers not just Financial Planning but how to invest using Real Estate and Financial Planning principles.

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