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1st Mortgage Money

Back in the day when I was mortgage broking this was a great domain name and website for picking up leads for my mortgage broking business.

These days the leads go to waste and I basically use the site as one of my STORMS or simple to operate revenue machines.

The site generates revenue when people click on an advert.

At the moment I am working on a way of monetising the leads so if you are a mortgage broker and you would like a pretty cost effective way of getting mortgage leads drop me a line.

Another Storm

For me there are various degrees of S.T.O.R.M (Simple To Operate Revenue Machines) with the easiest and best being the ones where I don’t actually have much if anything to do other than the initial setup.

My first S.T.O.R.M was exactly one of those, I pay the annual fee to remain a reseller over at Essential Internet Tools and thats it, I get a cheque every month and every month that cheque is getting bigger and bigger.

Of course some of the STORMS require a bit more work but in return the annual cost reduces down to next to nothing or even in some cases zero.

This STORM I am going to tell you about is one similar to the first one I described in respect of the fact that you don’t have anything to do once it is set up, the website , videos, email campaigns etc are all done for you.

If you have a look at the following two sites you will see what I am talking about Terry Rota.WS and Global Domains

Now there are plenty of people really talking this one up big time however as far as I am concerned thats a load of rubbish , you know $10k in 1 month from doing nothing…. excuse my french but crap.

Yes the system will make you money and there  is not a lot to do in regards to setting the system up but again you have to get people going to your site. Once you do you can start to make some money.

At $10 per month this is one of the cheapest investments I have ever made and over time I am confident that the revenue from this STORM will be significant however I think it will take a couple of years to see anything decent and I will need to do some work, not a lot but some.

Already it costs me nothing due to the revenue from it so anything from here on in is a bonus.

My First STORM

A S.T.O.R.M is a phrase I first heard from a friend of mine James Allen over at Genki Marketing.

S.T.O.R.M stands for Simple To Operate Revenue Machine and is the perfect description of the strategy I have been using for approximately 3 years now on the internet.

When I started my only experience with the internet was surfing websites or sending and receiving emails so I needed something that would be easy to set up and basically run itself….in a nutshell a Simple To Operate Revenue Machine.

The very first one of these I started was Essential Internet Tools and I believe it is still the easiest of the lot,and probably why when I read other online money makers blogs they also have the same “machine”.

You see over at Essential Internet Tools when people purchase things like domains or web hosting they have an annual renewal fee which means every year I get additional revenue from existing customers and of course revenue from new customers.

Over time this can build up to a huge residual income with some of the top earners using this strategy generating 10’s f thousands of passive income every month. (Not me ….yet!)

So if you take a peek at the menu item “Make Money Be A Reseller” you will find the easiest Simple To Operate Revenue Machine I have found so far.

Basically you become a reseller of the site which allows you to set how much you charge for each and every product. If you want to make $1 per month from hosting you can do so, If you want to make $10 per month you can choose that too.

They great thing is that everything is done for you. All you have to do is choose a name for the site and then let people know how to find your site.

So as the blurb on that site says, Let Essential Internet Tools put you in the red-hot domain name registration and Internet business. We’ve done the heavy lifting — product development, customer support, infrastructure — we’ve even built your website for you.

Social Networks

I’m not on every social network out there but I can be found on a few.

Twitter – Come on Follow Me




My Affiliate Reminder

This product has to be the best thing since sliced bread as far as I am concerned.

If you are into making money online you will suddenly learn that you have a huge number of websites, hosting accounts and affiliate accounts.

Keeping a track of all of these can be done in something like excel which is what I originally did however it is so cumbersome and time consuming doing it that way.

My affiliate reminder takes all that hassle away. It’s simple to use, quick and efficient.

I recommend it highly.

I have used My Affiliate Reminder for over a year now and it is easily my favorite piece of software.

You can get it here and yes there is the usual money back guarantees and yes …. I will get a commission 🙂



I have an absolute passion for creating businesses on the web. I love it.

I spend hours and hours everyday just marveling at what people are doing with their businesses on the web and on how much fun it is for me to create mini businesses on the web.

Recently a friend of mine (James B Allen) termed the phrase Simple To Operate Revenue Machines and this is exactly what my web strategy is all about.

Some of my sites.
Many of these are not yet finished so lots of work still to do.

At the moment some of them are just sitting in what I like to call the google incubator so there is little or no content until I get to that part of each project.

If you think you would like to work with me on any of these sites let me know, I am looking for people who are interested in joint venturing me on these Simple To Operate Revenue Machines

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