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Beautiful Baby Kate

The Girls

Rebecca and Kate

The boys wanted to play at the beach even though it was a cold winters day. Kate is warm and cosy snuggled up to mummy while Alex and Bailey scamper around the beach.


My Bad!

Kate is 4 months old now and I have not mentioned her, bad daddy!

She has been an absolute amazing baby with next to no crying, sleeps all through the night and is always smiling.

She is a gorgeous little girl and has such a great personality that Rebecca is already talking about the next one… after all our goal is to have 5 in total. So 3 down with 2 to go.

Alex (2 now) thinks she is fantastic and is always trying to tickle her toes or steal her dummy.

I’m having trouble attaching a picture so come back later once I fix the problem.

Our Baby VS2

Well we can now tell the world that we have another baby on the way.

Alex and Bailey have a sibling on the way.

The experience with Alex and Bailey has been magnificent, with both boys adoring each other, so it will be interesting to see how things pan out with the new sibling as the age differential will be quite a bit less than the one between Bailey and Alex.

When baby number 3 arrives there will only be a little over 2 years between TJ (the affectionate nickname all of my children get until they are named, it’s Terry Junior after all until they develop their own personalities) and Alex. The differential between Alex and Bailey was 4 years so Bailey was really able to understand things like being gentle with the new person who was suddenly in our midst. Alex still hasn’t figured out gentle as bruises on various parts of my cranium will attest to.

In about 8 weeks time we will be able to find out if we are having a boy or a girl and being parents who like the idea of being prepared we will have the person taking the 20 week scan inform us of our babies gender.

Until then, enough about babies. 🙂


Alexander was born on November 12 2008.
A little brother for Bailey this new addition to the family is a happy, smiley baby who loves his big brother.

Bailey can’t wait to start teaching Alexander how to kick a ball around.


Some facts:

  • Alexander weighed 9.3kg’s at 4 months
  • He loves daddy’s guitar playing
  • He is an expert at peeing on mummy
  • His sense of timing is impeccable, put dinner on the table and he will wake up and demand his dinner… poor mummy.
  • Alexander loves rides in the car
  • Alexanders first trip to a restaurant was Mac Donald’s so his big brother could have a treat he was well behaved!
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