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As someone who has tasted a lot of success throughout my life this image and quote are probably one of the things I believe the most, this and never give up.




Losing Weight

surfing port waikatoAs a competitive body builder many years ago (and a successful one at that) I learnt just how quickly you can put weight on and take it off again when it is competition time.

I used this knowledge and skill to both put on a lot of weight in the body building off season and so I could add some size for the rugby season. I also used this knowledge to lose weight incredibly quickly when it was time to compete in my regional comps and then the nationals.

This knowledge also became quite useful when I started competing in martial arts at both the regional and national levels. The ability to lose 20 to 25 kgs in 12 weeks was very useful however it has also created a problem later on when I started to work out less and continued to eat similar portions to what I was eating while I was training.

Every time I was asked if i would lose some weight or look to trim fat and gain muscle I always said, hey no problem, I can do that and it only takes 12 weeks. This of course means I can leave it until I really want to lose the weight.

Anyway over the last 5 years I have trained about 10% of what I used too and admittedly I did drop back on how much I ate as well, however I have still managed to redesign my body and convert much loved muscle into delightful (to the children) wobbly masses.

This became most apparent when Rebecca said to me one day “Sweety your forearms have shrunk” to which I replied “no they haven’t you are just getting used to my massive muscles”. “No Sweety” she said “You used to have freaky huge forearms, and now they are just big”.

So one day recently, to prove my point I grabbed my diary with measurements, weight, training details etc in it and a tape measure and promptly gave myself a heart attack. I had lost 3 inches from each forearm and 2 inches on my biceps which to a bodybuilder is worse than losing a testicle. So a total of 10 inches had been lost from my forearms and biceps…however all is not lost…in fact we found exactly where those massive muscles had gone…my tummy had grown 10 inches in the same time.

So I had been 110kgs and I still am however most of the mass around my shoulders, back chest and arms had moved downwards and the look is not quite as impressive as it once was.

Over the last 2 years I had also pretty much stopped surfing which recently has changed and it is this change which has made me decide not to redistribute the weight but to actually get rid of it… 15 kilograms in fact.

You see when I go paddling out with my surf buddy mark (my height but only 70 kgs) it is rather obvious that carrying an extra 40 kilograms over him means one thing and one thing only…he will catch more waves!

When you watch someone catching waves that you can’t even get started on (they are too small) you have to do one of two things:

1. Buy a long board which is not my style of surfing so that’s the option of last resort

2. Lose some weight and get fitter.

So option number 2 it was. I weighted myself (110.2 kilograms) and set my goal at 95 kilograms which will be an exceptional weight for me to be surfing at.

The actual date I set this goal was 2 weeks ago and today I am 107.2 kilograms without too much trying.

The main differences I have done over the last 2 weeks is include a lot more exercise in my day (mostly boxing sessions) and started eating more (that may sound counter intuitive but I will explain, probably in another post as i think I’m at my limit for writing in one day).

My First Post For 2011

Today is the 1/01/2011

That’s not a fibanacci sequence and as I mentioned to my father inlaw a few moments ago it’s not binary.

It is a Saturday.

Facebook asks us what are we thinking about…or at least it used too, I’m not sure now, anyway, going back to the Facebook question, “what am I thinking about?”

Firstly I’m thinking about what to write, after all it is the first day of the New Year and surely there will be some insightful things springing into my mind…

So far this morning I have sat and contemplated the Manuka tree’s in our bay as I smoked a fish on the BBQ for morning tea,

I thought about Alex, my little boy who was playing with a bucket and various toys in the sunshine.

I thought about Bailey my 6 year old who I am about to pick up from the airport.

I thought about my new baby on the way (due in Feb) and I thought about my wonderful wife.

All this thinking about my great family and the wonderful relationships I have with them then lead on to thinking about my incredible friendships and how very lucky I am to know some amazingly incredible people.

This process of thinking about the wonderful things you have in your life which you can be thankful for is something I do regularly, it’s called an appreciation session and it allows you to think about the great things you can be grateful for in your life. It’s one of the ways that I use to stay incredibly positive all of the time, no matter how bad things are in other areas.

You see it is easy to focus on the negative things just as it is easy to focus on the fantastic things so my belief is that I might as well concentrate on the wonderful things in my life and be grateful for them.

This doesn’t mean I ignore any of the things that are not perfect in my life but it does mean I approach each situation in a very positive frame of mind.

If I can change something I do what ever I can and if I can’t i don’t fret or worry about it. You see worrying about things you have no control over is one big fat waste of time.

Anyway I got sidetracked and didn’t finish this post so I think I’ll just publish it and start something new in a day or so.

Love and Real Estate

I don’t normally write about my thoughts, I am a doer, not a contemplater (I think about things but then I act rather than mulling them over and over) however I have had a couple of conversations lately that have made me ponder certain things such as Love and what it means, Real Estate and what is it really and of course family.

While conversing with a wonderful person all the way over on the other side of the world it dawned on me that people often say I love you and others mock that, saying that you can’t love someone you have never met and that you can’t love someone you have only just met.

This made me think, is it true that you can’t love someone you have never met? Is it true you can’t love someone you have just met?

As I think about this it dawns on me that the answer must be yes you can, after all what is love, is it something that is defined by longevity or length of experience or something that is defined by depth of experience. Obviously the best kind of love is one that has both length or breadth of experience and depth of experience however this should not preclude either one on its own from being called love.

I think of it like this, if I plant some tomato seeds, pretty quickly they will grow into tomato vines. Should they not be called tomato vines just because they have only just been planted, should they not be called tomato vines because they have not born any fruit? When are they a tomato vine? They are a tomato vine the moment they appear above the ground, now if I forget to water that vine and it eventually shrivels up and dies , does that mean it wasn’t a tomato vine? I think not.

So thats how I choose to think about Love. If I meet someone and I think they are fantastic, they are wonderful they are amazing, I can choose to say I love them, if for some reason that relationship is not “watered” through conversation and interaction then it will probably fade away, does that mean that it was not love in those first few days or weeks or even moments…. I choose to think yes…it was. So when I say I love you. I mean it.

Real Estate

I have also been thinking about Real Estate but not the kind of Real Estate that you are used to, I’ve been thinking about Real Estate that such as domain names, space on a website, space on a shelf that kind of Real Estate. You see someone said

“This is a problem with 1800×1440 pixels of desk top real estate”

Which got me to thinking about the various kinds of Real Estate there is, the desk top real estate, the website real estate which was also mentioned yesterday in another conversation when discussing Tradme and the $30,000 per week they are charging to advertise on their site.

Real Estate…the words  conjure up images of houses , apartments , high rises and blocks of land but the realty is that this is not the only Real Estate the world values, in fact relatively speaking, some of the internet Real Estate is far more valuable than any block of land, apartment or house I know is. (hmmmm I’ve probably opened myself up to lots of comments about how Bill Gates house is worth tens of millions of dollars).

The great thing about “Real Estate” that is not dirt or bricks or steel, is that anyone anywhere can build it and make it valuable, not because of it’s location but because of its content. I like that. In fact I love it.

It’s Too Easy

My favorite saying is “It’s too easy” which for some of my friends can become a bit annoying however I have found that a little perseverance and persistence and remarkably most things are pretty easy.

I work passionately on creating ways for people to create wealth for their retirement. What ever that may mean to them.

This passion is something that gets hotter, the older I get and the more children I have.

Retirement income streams in NZ and Australia are absolutely pathetic and provide such a small amount of income it’s not funny. This is not the governments fault though and we must take responsibility for ourselves in retirement.

The governments can not afford to keep paying pensions in retirement and unless we want our children paying 80% in tax then a pension system as we currently know it will not be able to be provided for much longer.

I have developed a simple system that clients use in my bricks and mortar business for creating wealth for retirement and as such we call ourselves the “Millionaire Makers”.

These systems are nothing new or special other than the fact that they are methodical, comprehensive and incorporate the 4 area’s that underpin wealth creation for retirement.

I have been working since 2007 on how to develop other methods of creating an income stream for retirement because the fact is, traditional methods just don’t work if you do not have enough time.

The Rapid Value System

This system has been created over 12 years and allows you to start a small business in the insurance, mortgage broking or investment world in a profitable and simple manner.

All the systems you need to get up and running quickly are available and my deal is that you don’t pay me anything until you make money, in other words if you don’t make money I don’t make money.

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