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I’m a busy boy and sometimes it’s hard to describe what I do exactly.

I love creating opportunities. Maybe that makes me an entrepreneur maybe not but that’s what I do.

I own many businesses and that’s why I decided to create this website. It would be a place to showcase the businesses I am involved in and the projects I am working on.

This will also give you a bit of an idea of what I do, the life I have lived and how easy it truly is to be successful in life.


Qualified Electrical Fitter
Dip Fin Planning
Cerfiticate 5 Real Estate Agency Practice
Real Estate Licensee

I also completed the CFP Education program in 2006 in Australia.

I head up the advisory panel for the Financial Gain Group of companies.

Financial Gain NZ provides wholesale strategic services to front line companies and so a lot of my time is spent developing strategies for people to achieve their financial goals.

Businesses I own:

Financial Gain Australia

Financial Gain New Zealand

Professional Investment Services

Property Matrix

Go Realty

Money Back Home Loans

LOANZ Limited

Big Tez (The IT Company)

Essential Internet Tools

Low Cost Domains

The Internet

The internet is fast becoming my favorite business opportunity. I have a largish domain portfolio and I am gradually developing the many names into websites. The following list is not comprehensive by any means however it is a few that spring to mind immediately.

Web Sites I Am Working On

Affordable Websites by Low Cost Domains