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Two Down Ten To Go

It’s March already and so far this year has been a ripper.

As you know I’ve been surfing and I did do a little training again thanks to the Play Station move, (don’t let people mock how good this thing is for losing weight, I would spend an hour on the boxing game and be drenched, puffing and needing a rest which is perfect for weight loss) so I quickly dropped 5kgs. Not bad since It didn’t feel like work and it certainly wasn’t hard (in my mind). Unfortunately I’ve reached one of those plateaus so now it’s either increase the workload or decrease the calories….neither one of which sounds enjoyable.

The surfing has been awesome with some fantastic barrels on Wednesday this week at a new beach break we found, I wasn’t happy with the amount of horse poo that was on the beach though (local horse trainers use that section of the beach for running their horses on) so not sure when the next trip to that spot will be.

This year I have been in the process of selling off my last business in Australia which with a bit of luck will occur in the next few days and at the same time kicking off a couple of new ventures.

Planet Homes is the latest start up and this will build sustainable homes here in New Zealand, it’s an exciting project and it seems the timing is just about perfect as NZ faces severe housing shortages. If anyone out there is interested in investing with us we need to build some show homes.

The other project is a Financial services business that is able to offer banking services worldwide with a couple of gents from Australia. Wyk has been in New Zealand for about 3 years now but had been sitting dormant until November last year when we decided to register it as a New Zealand Financial Service Provider (FSP).

The web business trucks along and gets better and better everyday as I learn more and the more I learn the more excited I am about the business.

And of course we had little Katherine 2 weeks ago today.


Surfs Up

At 4.55am this morning the alarm went off and after only 2.30 minutes of sleep I can tell you that I was not leaping out of bed and rushing down to the car, instead I lumbered down the hall in a very sleepy manner, grabbed a quick cup of coffee, through the boards in the car and quietly limped my way down to Port Waikato.

Today the surf was a pretty decent size being about twice my height on the face with no wind so I was rather stoked once arriving that I had made the effort to get up and get on my way.

I spent about 2 and a half hours in the surf today, most of that time I was paddling so the shoulders are feeling a bit on the tired side at the moment.

Quishes Cakes and Huge Salads

Today I hit the sub 107 mark weighing in at a svelte 106.8kgs.

No bad for eating chocolate cake and gorgeous little biscuits (which I don’t know the name of) at a birthday party.

I mentioned in the last post that I would talk about my comment on increasing the amount of food I eat which for most people sounds counter intuitive when they are dieting. In fact anyone who saw what I eat each day would not believe that I am losing weight until they hadn’t seen me for a couple of weeks.

Anyway the first part of the eating more concept is the fact that I am doing more exercise and therefor I need more fuel to get through the day and maintain the muscle mass that I have built over the years of training. the second part of the concept is that I want my body to understand that there is an abundance of good, healthy and nutritious food available so that it won’t go into starvation mode.

I also want it to kick into overdrive on the fat burning side. That part comes a little more from the styles of training that I am doing and the mental conditioning that I am providing myself with. You see the body knows instinctively what it needs for certain conditions, i.e if we were at the south pole it would instinctively know that we need more fat to keep us warm and as a source of fuel for long winter nights.

When I box and surf I am telling my body because of the high intensity type exercise I am doing that I need to be lean, get rid of the fat as it slows me down and replace that fat with nice lean muscle, so even though I have only lost 3 and a half kilograms my clothes are fitting in very different ways, i.e my pants are falling off and my shirts are getting tight across the shoulders and loose around the middle. Excellent.

I’m not sure they training I am doing will bring back my freaky forearms for my wife (in fact I know it won’t as i am not weight training) but I do know that the next time I am paddling out into the smaller surf the wave count won’t be quite as much in Marks favor as it was last time.

Losing Weight

surfing port waikatoAs a competitive body builder many years ago (and a successful one at that) I learnt just how quickly you can put weight on and take it off again when it is competition time.

I used this knowledge and skill to both put on a lot of weight in the body building off season and so I could add some size for the rugby season. I also used this knowledge to lose weight incredibly quickly when it was time to compete in my regional comps and then the nationals.

This knowledge also became quite useful when I started competing in martial arts at both the regional and national levels. The ability to lose 20 to 25 kgs in 12 weeks was very useful however it has also created a problem later on when I started to work out less and continued to eat similar portions to what I was eating while I was training.

Every time I was asked if i would lose some weight or look to trim fat and gain muscle I always said, hey no problem, I can do that and it only takes 12 weeks. This of course means I can leave it until I really want to lose the weight.

Anyway over the last 5 years I have trained about 10% of what I used too and admittedly I did drop back on how much I ate as well, however I have still managed to redesign my body and convert much loved muscle into delightful (to the children) wobbly masses.

This became most apparent when Rebecca said to me one day “Sweety your forearms have shrunk” to which I replied “no they haven’t you are just getting used to my massive muscles”. “No Sweety” she said “You used to have freaky huge forearms, and now they are just big”.

So one day recently, to prove my point I grabbed my diary with measurements, weight, training details etc in it and a tape measure and promptly gave myself a heart attack. I had lost 3 inches from each forearm and 2 inches on my biceps which to a bodybuilder is worse than losing a testicle. So a total of 10 inches had been lost from my forearms and biceps…however all is not lost…in fact we found exactly where those massive muscles had gone…my tummy had grown 10 inches in the same time.

So I had been 110kgs and I still am however most of the mass around my shoulders, back chest and arms had moved downwards and the look is not quite as impressive as it once was.

Over the last 2 years I had also pretty much stopped surfing which recently has changed and it is this change which has made me decide not to redistribute the weight but to actually get rid of it… 15 kilograms in fact.

You see when I go paddling out with my surf buddy mark (my height but only 70 kgs) it is rather obvious that carrying an extra 40 kilograms over him means one thing and one thing only…he will catch more waves!

When you watch someone catching waves that you can’t even get started on (they are too small) you have to do one of two things:

1. Buy a long board which is not my style of surfing so that’s the option of last resort

2. Lose some weight and get fitter.

So option number 2 it was. I weighted myself (110.2 kilograms) and set my goal at 95 kilograms which will be an exceptional weight for me to be surfing at.

The actual date I set this goal was 2 weeks ago and today I am 107.2 kilograms without too much trying.

The main differences I have done over the last 2 weeks is include a lot more exercise in my day (mostly boxing sessions) and started eating more (that may sound counter intuitive but I will explain, probably in another post as i think I’m at my limit for writing in one day).

I’ve always been into sport. Just love it.

I ran my first marathon when I was 12 years old and I think that still makes me the youngest person to have run one in New Zealand.

I did 4 in total but never broke the 4 hour barrier (4hrs and 2 minutes was my fastest).

Rugby caught my eye so I decided to give up running and start playing Rugby. I made it into the High School First fifteen and at the same time the High Schools First Five basketball team.

To go from being a scrawny little long distance runner I had to start doing weights ( I was doing various martial arts and boxing as well but I needed to bulk up) so that I could get over the 52kg weight restriction to play at my high school ( I was 15 and 49kgs)

After leaving school I carried on playing rugby and at age 18 was playing First Division in the Waikato competition, that was tough.

I played for a bit longer but decided to focus on Body Building when I turned 20 and went on the win the Waikato Champs, the North Island Champs and placed 4th in the Nationals as a 20 year old.

Bored with that now (actually didn’t want to do what was needed to go to the next level) I turned my attention to tournament fighting in the Word Tae Kwon Do federation which was full contact fighting and would later become an Olympic sport.

I won my first national title in my first tournament and won 4 more gold medals at national tournaments over the next few years.

Surfing has always been a passion and still is, I have boards at my homes in Mount Maunganui and on the Gold Coast so that I can surf whether I am in Oz or NZ.


When it’s small you have to surf over rocks sometimes. 🙂

surfing_burleigh_croppedAnd when it’s a bit bigger you don’t

sexy_boysmallfileToday Weight Training and surfing are still my Favorite sports

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