I listened to a great song yesterday while mowing the lawns and it has made me think about my dad and what do I really know about him?

I had never thought about sitting down and getting to know dad before, the way you would get to know a friend.

I know him as my dad, he’s the dude who is always there no matter what sort of mischief I got up to or get up to, he’s the dude who married my mum who passed away 11 years ago at 54 from a rare ailment. He’s the dude who lent me the money to buy my first motorbike and he’s the dude who paid my fines when I got a ticket on that motorbike. He’s the dude who will love me no matter what.

I know that he was a sparky and that he was a fantastic sportsman and from the stories mum would tell he was a bit of a ladies man but other than that I have never sat down and talked to dad about what his dreams were, what his aspirations were or are for that matter.

So one of the things I’m going to do in the New Year is take my dad out for dinner and chew the fat, talk to him about mum, talk to him about his life and what it has been like for him.

It will probably be a tough conversation because we have never been that way together, we generally do the :

Me: “how you going dad?”

Dad: “yeah good son, how about you?”

Me: “yeah good dad? What have you been up to”

Dad: “oh not much? what about you?”

Me: “Oh just the same ole same ole? Want a cup of tea”

Dad: “Yeah”

End of discussion.

So thanks to Baz Luhman and the following song, hopefully Dad and I will begin a new journey of understanding 🙂


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