Love and Real Estate

I don’t normally write about my thoughts, I am a doer, not a contemplater (I think about things but then I act rather than mulling them over and over) however I have had a couple of conversations lately that have made me ponder certain things such as Love and what it means, Real Estate and what is it really and of course family.

While conversing with a wonderful person all the way over on the other side of the world it dawned on me that people often say I love you and others mock that, saying that you can’t love someone you have never met and that you can’t love someone you have only just met.

This made me think, is it true that you can’t love someone you have never met? Is it true you can’t love someone you have just met?

As I think about this it dawns on me that the answer must be yes you can, after all what is love, is it something that is defined by longevity or length of experience or something that is defined by depth of experience. Obviously the best kind of love is one that has both length or breadth of experience and depth of experience however this should not preclude either one on its own from being called love.

I think of it like this, if I plant some tomato seeds, pretty quickly they will grow into tomato vines. Should they not be called tomato vines just because they have only just been planted, should they not be called tomato vines because they have not born any fruit? When are they a tomato vine? They are a tomato vine the moment they appear above the ground, now if I forget to water that vine and it eventually shrivels up and dies , does that mean it wasn’t a tomato vine? I think not.

So thats how I choose to think about Love. If I meet someone and I think they are fantastic, they are wonderful they are amazing, I can choose to say I love them, if for some reason that relationship is not “watered” through conversation and interaction then it will probably fade away, does that mean that it was not love in those first few days or weeks or even moments…. I choose to think yes…it was. So when I say I love you. I mean it.

Real Estate

I have also been thinking about Real Estate but not the kind of Real Estate that you are used to, I’ve been thinking about Real Estate that such as domain names, space on a website, space on a shelf that kind of Real Estate. You see someone said

“This is a problem with 1800×1440 pixels of desk top real estate”

Which got me to thinking about the various kinds of Real Estate there is, the desk top real estate, the website real estate which was also mentioned yesterday in another conversation when discussing Tradme and the $30,000 per week they are charging to advertise on their site.

Real Estate…the words  conjure up images of houses , apartments , high rises and blocks of land but the realty is that this is not the only Real Estate the world values, in fact relatively speaking, some of the internet Real Estate is far more valuable than any block of land, apartment or house I know is. (hmmmm I’ve probably opened myself up to lots of comments about how Bill Gates house is worth tens of millions of dollars).

The great thing about “Real Estate” that is not dirt or bricks or steel, is that anyone anywhere can build it and make it valuable, not because of it’s location but because of its content. I like that. In fact I love it.

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  1. Jacqui Ranui says:

    Great post Terry. I seriously love your analogy of the tomato development in comparison to Love … so hadnt thought of it like that, but that is so apt. You are exactly right, the love you care to ‘nurture’ is the love you care to keep.
    And I like the sentiments of ‘content’ likely being of more value that ‘material’.
    Great write up mate! I’ll be back. Jaks

  2. Money says:

    Thanks Jaks…
    And thanks to twitter I found you again after 17 years 🙂

  3. ONEderful read, my friend! So true, love the analogy of the tomato vine.

    Keep on watering!

    I also think it really is in the meaning you give that love: you decide what is means to you. Who else should feel what you feel if not you?

    Most importantly, the moment you allow someone else to mirror your ONEderful ability to feel and express love, that’s when you allow yourself to fully connect with that most inner part of who you really are.

    How you situate it is entirely up to you. I situate it in the heart. The heart is a very powerful electromagnetic generator. Love can be described as deep appreciation and reverence for someone. Still, you decide what you want to call what you feel.

    You sure are very lovable, and would I not know we have never met, I would not think it was the case 🙂 Perhaps we have … in another life-time 🙂

    I also like that you mean it when you say “I love you!” I am the same.

    More love to you and yours! Aroha nui!


  4. Lorna says:

    I really enjoy this website. Iwish we could come here all the time.

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