My First Post For 2011

Today is the 1/01/2011

That’s not a fibanacci sequence and as I mentioned to my father inlaw a few moments ago it’s not binary.

It is a Saturday.

Facebook asks us what are we thinking about…or at least it used too, I’m not sure now, anyway, going back to the Facebook question, “what am I thinking about?”

Firstly I’m thinking about what to write, after all it is the first day of the New Year and surely there will be some insightful things springing into my mind…

So far this morning I have sat and contemplated the Manuka tree’s in our bay as I smoked a fish on the BBQ for morning tea,

I thought about Alex, my little boy who was playing with a bucket and various toys in the sunshine.

I thought about Bailey my 6 year old who I am about to pick up from the airport.

I thought about my new baby on the way (due in Feb) and I thought about my wonderful wife.

All this thinking about my great family and the wonderful relationships I have with them then lead on to thinking about my incredible friendships and how very lucky I am to know some amazingly incredible people.

This process of thinking about the wonderful things you have in your life which you can be thankful for is something I do regularly, it’s called an appreciation session and it allows you to think about the great things you can be grateful for in your life. It’s one of the ways that I use to stay incredibly positive all of the time, no matter how bad things are in other areas.

You see it is easy to focus on the negative things just as it is easy to focus on the fantastic things so my belief is that I might as well concentrate on the wonderful things in my life and be grateful for them.

This doesn’t mean I ignore any of the things that are not perfect in my life but it does mean I approach each situation in a very positive frame of mind.

If I can change something I do what ever I can and if I can’t i don’t fret or worry about it. You see worrying about things you have no control over is one big fat waste of time.

Anyway I got sidetracked and didn’t finish this post so I think I’ll just publish it and start something new in a day or so.

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