Quishes Cakes and Huge Salads

Today I hit the sub 107 mark weighing in at a svelte 106.8kgs.

No bad for eating chocolate cake and gorgeous little biscuits (which I don’t know the name of) at a birthday party.

I mentioned in the last post that I would talk about my comment on increasing the amount of food I eat which for most people sounds counter intuitive when they are dieting. In fact anyone who saw what I eat each day would not believe that I am losing weight until they hadn’t seen me for a couple of weeks.

Anyway the first part of the eating more concept is the fact that I am doing more exercise and therefor I need more fuel to get through the day and maintain the muscle mass that I have built over the years of training. the second part of the concept is that I want my body to understand that there is an abundance of good, healthy and nutritious food available so that it won’t go into starvation mode.

I also want it to kick into overdrive on the fat burning side. That part comes a little more from the styles of training that I am doing and the mental conditioning that I am providing myself with. You see the body knows instinctively what it needs for certain conditions, i.e if we were at the south pole it would instinctively know that we need more fat to keep us warm and as a source of fuel for long winter nights.

When I box and surf I am telling my body because of the high intensity type exercise I am doing that I need to be lean, get rid of the fat as it slows me down and replace that fat with nice lean muscle, so even though I have only lost 3 and a half kilograms my clothes are fitting in very different ways, i.e my pants are falling off and my shirts are getting tight across the shoulders and loose around the middle. Excellent.

I’m not sure they training I am doing will bring back my freaky forearms for my wife (in fact I know it won’t as i am not weight training) but I do know that the next time I am paddling out into the smaller surf the wave count won’t be quite as much in Marks favor as it was last time.

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