Real Estate

I started investing in property many many years ago. Back in 1988 in fact.

I had been interested in property before then but you kn0w what it’s like to be a teenager. There are more important things than buying property so I waited until I was 21 ish.

Today I trade property as something to keep me occupied, it’s exciting and the money is very nice.

I have a reasonable portfolio (depending on your point view) of long term property investments which generate a great residual income and I own a couple of Real Estate Agencies.

I love Real Estate as a vehicle for long term wealth creation, a hedge against inflation and as a store of wealth.

If you are interested in Real Estate investment why not drop me a line, you never know what opportunities may exist.

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I am also looking to start my own Rental Agency in Auckland so if you have an interest in Real Estate Management or are currently a Rental Manager give me a buzz and lets see if there may be something we can do together.


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