How To Use Social Oomph To Get Your Sanity Back

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the additional work social media requires?

If like most people starting out on the world of social media your answer is yes, Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

The good news is that there are a number of free tools which allow you to automate some of your Twitter activities. I recommend Social Oomph to help ease your workload and boost your productivity on Twitter.

Now I emphasise the use of the sentence “automate some of your twitter activities”, you don’t want to completely automate everything and become just another bot on twitter, this will turn your prospects off faster than Charlie Sheen can say “Winning”, however there are some tasks that you can comfortably allocate to Social Oomph.

Social oomph is a useful tool allowing you to do way more than just schedule Twitter posts. It does much more,  you can automate following and messaging, and it sends you emails of mentions of your keywords on Twitter allowing you to target people you may want to build a relationship with.

So what can you do using Social Oomph?

1. Add an unlimited number of Twitter accounts. This is only useful if you have a large number of accounts that you are maintaining, if you are, this is one of the only tools that allows you to add all of your accounts for no additional cost.

2. Schedule tweets. Self explanatory really but very useful for ensuring your tweets are delivered throughout the day rather than at one time when you are online.

3. Automate following. Follow everyone who follows you…or if you don’t like that then choose the next option.

4. Vet new followers before automatically following. If  don’t want to automatically follow back to build your network, you can have Social Oomph curate a list of your new followers for your review and approval before following them back.

5. Rotate welcome messages to new followers.  Set up different messages for new followers. I don’t do this as it annoys me to receive them so I don’t send them…you know, do unto others as you would have them do unto you and all that jazz.

6. Set-up a keyword alerts—up to 50 keyword terms sent via email once or twice a day.A great way to see who is talking about the products or services that you are delivering, once you know who is talking, get into the conversation.

7. Create a more detailed Twitter profile inside of Social Oomph. This makes it easier for people to find you and follow you.

8. Track your links— Social Oomph allows you to use URL shortening and analytics tools like, as well as providing its own shortening service (which comes with statistics).

9. View your @ mentions and retweets. See what people have reposted and when they’ve mentioned you by name on Twitter which is again a great service which allows you to continue the conversation and strengthen that relationship.

10. Sending a message to new followers. I usually don’t send automated messages to new followers, mostly because I ignore those types of messages sent to me. But I’ll occasionally send an automated message with a link to a specific online resource using Social Oomph.

Many of these features can be done through other Twitter tools however being web based and not taking up a lot of my computers memory is a blessing for me, other tools I use often crash my browser because of the resources they suck up, with Social Oomph I’m able to login in, set up the tasks I want to automate and then leave it rather than having it running in back ground on my machine.

Go and check it out, there is a free version and you can trial the professional version which I highly recommend (doing the trial) you will be amazed by what you can accomplish using this great tool.

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