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20,000 tweets

I am fast approaching 20,000 tweets, in fact as I start writing this I am at 19973 so before I go re-tweeting a few friends, replying to others and saying hello to my buddies I thought I should make the 20,000 tweet a worthy one.

By the time you read this and if I organise things correctly this should be my 20,000th tweet.

At 10,000 tweets I had seen others make a significant effort to mark the milestone and all I did was write doh!

Tweet number 10,000 was a dud so I thought I should perhaps make more of an effort for 20,000th tweet.

Part of that inspiration comes from the exceptional 10,000 th tweet that my friend from twitter @vaughndavis did to mark his 10,000 tweets and the blogpost that goes with it..

Vaughn had some great insights in his post which made me wonder about my style of tweeting but before we go there, let me explain why I got onto twitter.

Why Do I Use Twitter?

As someone who has spent their life selling “stuff” to people, I read an article written by @GuyKawasaki stating that if you were in sales or marketing and you were not on twitter then you were not in sales or marketing. That was enough for me… I joined that day and have loved twitter ever since.

Now the above paragraph is the reason why I started with twitter way back in the Christmas week of 2008 however the reason why I use twitter today is very different to that original reason.

As someone who made a small fortune from selling and most of that came about because I spent a lot of time networking, twitter was like the holy grail. Wow I can network with thousands of people now rather than just tens. I can network with folks in Canada, London, New York , Australia and right around the corner.

People I would never have met or spoken to before I can now chat with, interact with and develop a relationship with that ranges from a casual hello all the way through to terms of endearment (yes I feel very fondly about some of my twitter friends).

Without twitter ….

  • I would not have realised that I like Gelato.
  • I would not know about the book the “bowling through india”.
  • I would not know that goats like the dried up palm fronds that fall onto my front lawn.
  • I would not know that a dive mistress is a female dive instructor.
  • I would not have gone to a TV premier
  • I would not have a cameo in an upcoming book
  • I would not have told the world about my first ever king fish catch after 28 years of fishing

In Vaughns post he was able to divulge some great statistics and thanks to the links from his post I can tell you that based on what appears to be a fairly small sampling of tweets from the last few months:

  • I do 78.7 tweets per day…wicked. I did not know that.
  • I average 1196 tweets per month… that sounds like a lot but it’s not really 🙂
  • I tweeted 2423 times in May
  • The top five words I have used are: lol, good, new, nz and thats. – No wonder people think I am happy and positive, again I like that.
  • My top five hashtags are #nz, #property, #singlemalt, #photography and #ff. -I am surprised only by the photography hash tag…

The graph above shows that 62% of all my tweets are actually responding to people sending me @replies …. see I do reply 🙂

Other stats available at Tweetstats allow me to see that I’ve mentioned

I’m am also going to include some of the other observations that Vaughn Made in his post:

  • I said good 288 times compared to bad 40 times…
  • I said lol 311 times and never said I was sad.
  • I said gorgeous 87 times and never used the word ugly
  • I said Love, Friend and buddy 196 times
  • I said thanks 84 times but like Vaughn I never said please (naughty boy) but I have now fixed that.
  • I said cool, great, nice and awesome 534 times –
  • I said yes, sure and yeah 279 times with zero no’s, nuh or nups 🙂

so looking at that lot one would assume I’m a pretty nice guy, perhaps that why my mum loves me 🙂

You can check out all those stats right here and take a look at your own just for fun.

So what have I achieved in 20,000 tweets?

  • I have made new friends and these friends are like-minded friends, friends who are high achievers, go-getters and leaders, the sorts of people the guru’s tell you that you should surround yourself with…  I’m very happy with that result and if I had achieved nothing else using twitter these friendships would be more than enough reason to continue using twitter and to have justified the time I’ve spent on twitter. These are friendships that I appreciate and cherish.
  • I’ve started a new Real Estate business on the gold coast with someone I met from twitter, it’s the culmination of an 8yr dream to have my very own General Real Estate Agency on the Gold Coast (compared to the niche agency I have had since 2000 which only sourced Real Estate for my Financial Planning clients) and thanks to twitter I not only achieved that but found a new surfing buddy.
  • I was approached to start a new High End Web development business with 2 amazing people who are brilliant at web design and copy-writing but wanted someone who could sell stuff 🙂  ( who knows where that will lead but I am sure it will be fun)
  • I’ve started a joint venture to help teach people how to succeed with 2 amazingly successful people themselves, these two guys have credentials the length of my arm and I appreciate being asked to be a part of the project.
  • I found an old friend who I knew 17 years ago (xxx @blissfulweds)
  • I’ve been paid $28 to send a tweet ( I did identify that tweet as an advertisement)
  • I’ve been to shows like Avenue Q…(thanks @Josiecampbell)
  • I’ve been heard on Wine Vault TV… (thanks @thewinevault)
  • I’ve met and become friends with best selling authors…
  • I’ve met a TV stars
  • I’ve met a Kiwi comic legend…
  • I’ve made friends and lots of them (yes yes, I repeated that bit).

What about the future?

Twitter is opening doors for me like no other medium I know, I am engaging with people I would normally never meet and I am having a ball, I’m enjoying myself so the future of tpr2 and twitter looks pretty Rosie.

Will I do another 20,000 tweets? Just watch me.

Will I make new friends?  You bet.

Will I learn anything new? You can count on it.

Will I achieve anything else from twitter?  It doesn’t matter… if I do, that’s great but twitter has already given me so much already that everything from here on out is a bonus.

Happy 20,000 tweets.

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