Terry And Rebecca


Rebecca loves spending her days and nights with Alexander. She used to be an artist and a writer, before Alexander was born. Now she is a full-time mommy and is very happy. She loves taking Alexander to the park. . When Alexander is sleeping, she enjoys writing and one day may publish a novel. Although, often when he is sleeping, she is sleeping right beside him!Mommy plans on writing in between feeding Alexander and Terry. Until then, she says she wants to experience every milestone with Alexander.


Terry did his qualifications with Deakin University in Australia, where he got his Financial Planning qualifications (DFP and CFP).He owns businesses in Real Estate, Financial Planning, Mortgage broking, Insurance, Investment and on the internet.

With over 20 different companies in 2 countries Terry loves helping people achieve their goals.

(In Bailey’s words)

My Daddy is the best! He loves bouncing me up and down, and twirling me around. He also likes to sing to me while he plays his guitar. My daddy works very hard. He is sad when he leaves for work in the morning. When he is not helping people take care of their money, he likes to play guitar and go fishing or surfing. He taught me to surf when I was 4 and he has taken me fishing lots of times (I caught a big Snapper).

Daddy grew up on the Waikato River moving from town to town with my Koro (grandfather in Maori).

When he was a little boy he liked going to the beach. When he was in high school, daddy played on the school’s First Fifteen Rugby team and the First five basketball team. He also ran a marathon when he was only 12.

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