Two Down Ten To Go

It’s March already and so far this year has been a ripper.

As you know I’ve been surfing and I did do a little training again thanks to the Play Station move, (don’t let people mock how good this thing is for losing weight, I would spend an hour on the boxing game and be drenched, puffing and needing a rest which is perfect for weight loss) so I quickly dropped 5kgs. Not bad since It didn’t feel like work and it certainly wasn’t hard (in my mind). Unfortunately I’ve reached one of those plateaus so now it’s either increase the workload or decrease the calories….neither one of which sounds enjoyable.

The surfing has been awesome with some fantastic barrels on Wednesday this week at a new beach break we found, I wasn’t happy with the amount of horse poo that was on the beach though (local horse trainers use that section of the beach for running their horses on) so not sure when the next trip to that spot will be.

This year I have been in the process of selling off my last business in Australia which with a bit of luck will occur in the next few days and at the same time kicking off a couple of new ventures.

Planet Homes is the latest start up and this will build sustainable homes here in New Zealand, it’s an exciting project and it seems the timing is just about perfect as NZ faces severe housing shortages. If anyone out there is interested in investing with us we need to build some show homes.

The other project is a Financial services business that is able to offer banking services worldwide with a couple of gents from Australia. Wyk has been in New Zealand for about 3 years now but had been sitting dormant until November last year when we decided to register it as a New Zealand Financial Service Provider (FSP).

The web business trucks along and gets better and better everyday as I learn more and the more I learn the more excited I am about the business.

And of course we had little Katherine 2 weeks ago today.


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